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World of Warcraft : New WoW Info!

Matthew Fusco05/13/2011


  • Server architecture: One World Server plus several Monster and Character Servers.
  • Bill Roper mentioned several possible methods to combat spawn camping:
    1) Monsters dont respawn in the same place.
    2) Blizzard identifies the most popular monsters and places several of them in different locations.
  • About 3000-500 players per server.
  • The server setup is very scalable (i.e. new servers and such are easily added if existing ones should be overcrowded).
  • Blizzard is trying to enable players to move from one server to another. Bill Roper stressed the fact that they really want this feature in.
  • There aren't going to be any PvP servers.
  • PvP is purely optional in nature. There are going to be designated areas for Player vs Player interaction but outside of these areas, no PKing is going to occur.
  • Some was said about instancing:
    - The idea is to make the player feel more 'important/unique'.
    - Example: Only the boss mob room of a given dungeon might be instanced.
  • All races have 'capitals' similar to Stormwind. Those also act as start locations for newly created characters.
  • There are going to be many different forms of transport - some player owned and some hired. However, an area will have to be explored by the player before speed travel to that area is going to be made available.
  • The only way to level is killing monsters.
  • The day/night cycle will probably not be real time.
  • There isn't going to be any support for voice communication software.
  • Different methods of payment (of the monthly fee) for different countries (ie not credit card only).
  • The European server might not be ready on release.
  • For the whole interview (in German), go here.
    BabelFish translation can be found 


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